Interact Clubs at DHS and HMS

Kristina and Beth are leading the Interact Clubs at Draughn HS and Heritage Middle School. They have at one leadership meeting and one service project a month. For October, Paul Mears spoke at each club’s morning meeting. He talked about his path in the Insurance field and encouraged the kids to think about what they wanted to do in the future. At the October meetings, officers were chosen.

Heritage Interact Club Officers:
President Reed Farrer
Vice President Zakk Heile
Secretary Bella Williams
Club Administrators Ashton Mears and Ellery Smith

Draughn High School Officers:
President Gao Lo
Vice President Jonathan Mercer
Secretary Elisabeth Barus
Club Administrator Emily Rees


Hallyburton Backpacks

Kristina and Beth delivered 20 bags packed full of food (that we assembled at the Rotary Meeting on Tuesday, Oct 24). The food is from a shopping trip by Rotarians using grant money and donations of items from Rotarians and Interactors at HMS and DHS.

We had an after club meeting service time of packing bags –

Program – World Polio Day

World Polio Day – October 24

We did several things

  1. To promote awareness, handed out pins, stickers and brochures about Stop Polio Now to Rotarians and 2 Interact Clubs. Also provided 2 posters for each school to hang.
  2. Dr. Lafferty presented a program about Polio and recognized member Richard Whisenant for his efforts to start Polio work and fundraising in our club.
  3. Left brochures at Public Library for distribution.
  4. Will send $1000 to the Foundation for Polio.

Program – Blue Ridge Foundation

Jan Hollar and Kerri McFalls of the Blue Ridge Foundation and Ron Martin the Chairman of the Foundation Board presented the program. They shared the history of the Blue Ridge Healthcare Foundation. The Foundation began in 1991 as a way to build a wellness center and has become an organization whose primary goal is to fund hospital and local heath organization needs in our community. Currently they manage 30 different projects in our area.

Rotary Big Breakfast

New Location! New Menu! On Saturday, October 15, the Pancake Breakfast of a few flapjacks and 2 sausage links moved from Valdese Elem School for a location to East Valdese Baptist Church with Biscuits, Gravy, Eggs, Egg Casserole, Sausage, Bacon, Grits and Pancakes. Kristina Mercer was Fundraising Chair for the event and Susan Bingham was Kitchen Queen. The attendees had only positive things to say about the menu and location.

We also had a great article in the newspaper the week before promoting the breakfast.

70th Anniversary Luncheon – Success

Past Presidents in attendance: Behind wheel – Jute Ramsey 1950-1951 (4th club president), Seated – Louis W. Garrou 1952-1953 (6th president and charter member), left-right Chuck Moseley 1998-1999, 2007-2008, John P. Rostan, III 1973-1974, Keith Smith (1990-1991) (behind Jute), Pat Clark 1995-1996, Diana Spangler-Crawford 1997-1998 (a little in front), Mary-Louise Hatley 1993-1994, James H. Rostan 1979-1980, Buford Robinson 1974-1975, Bruce Hawkins 2009-2010. Next row left-right: Ralph Brittian 1982-1983, John Guigou 1960-1961, Tod Blackwell (2003-2004), Cam McNeely (1988-1989), Paul Mears 2001-2002, Tim Horldt 1994-1995, 1999-2000, 2015-2016, Odell Wright 1975-1976, Trossie Wall 1985-1986, Jon Mercer 2016-2017, Dack Brinkley 1962-1963, Bruce Bingham 2004-2005, 2013-2014

Large Wheel Sign Donated by: Larry and Audrey Earp of Myra’s.