Monthly Archives: October 2017

FUMC – Food Truck

On Monday, October 9 we helped with the Food Truck at First United Methodist Church of Valdese as part of our Ministerial Grant. 135 families were served on this morning. # of our Rotarians and one from Burke Sunrise were present.

Oct 10 Anniversary Luncheon Update

Our 70th Anniversary Luncheon is coming together and you will not want to miss it. These past presidents will be attending

Julius M. Ramsey, Jr “Jute”  1950-1951
Louis W. Garrou 1952-1953
John Guigou 1960-1961
J. D. Brinkley, Jr. 1962-1963
John P. Rostan, III 1973-1974
Buford Robinson 1974-1975
Odell Wright 1975-1976
Lloyd Young 1976-1977
James H. Rostan 1979-1980
Ralph Brittian 1982-1983
Trossie Wall 1985-1986
Mary-Louise Hatley 1993-1994
Pat Clark 1995-1996
Diana Spangler-Crawford 1997-1998

Our 10 current members who are Past Presidents, including Richard Whisenant, Tim Horldt, Chuck Moseley, Paul Mears, Ted Carothers, Bruce Bingham, Richard Epley, Jim Brookes, John Fredrickson and Jon Mercer will serve as greeters.

The cost for guests is $6 to cover lunch. Lunch will be fried chicken breasts, southern green beans with almonds, baked sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon sugar, garden salad, yeast rolls,  Anniversary cake, iced tea and coffee.


2nd Annual CART Dinner

On Tuesday, October 3, Rotary Club of Valdese Member Bruce Bingham organized an amazing evening at Grace Ridge Retirement Community to support CART.

The Grace Chimes Choir entertained the attendees, along with piano music by Dave Sink and a solo but Tiffany Ervin. The focus of the evening was Barbara Ivey who spoke about being an Alzheimer’s Kid.

About 200 Rotarians and guests from western North Carolina were there for dinner and the program.