Corporate Member

Catawba Valley Staffing– Wendy Ward; Meg Poteet

General Members:

Barbara Ball – Healthcare
Angie Bedford – Legal
Bruce Bingham – Bingham Storage, B&B Graphics
Susan Bingham – Nurse
Meredith Bleynat – Nurse, Retired
Julie Brady – Furniture, Retired
Annette Brinkley – Brinkley Insurance
Jim Brookes – Social Worker, Retired
Ted Carothers – Healthcare Admin, Retired
Vivian Carothers – Occupational Therapist, Retired
Karen Clark-Caruso –  General Manager, Valdese ABC Board
Maryann Diamond – Financial Advisor, Thurston Springer
Richard Epley – Security
Michael Farris – Insurance Agency
Kevin Frederick – Pastor
Lu Litton Griffin – Non-Profit development
David Harmon – Architect
Beth Heile – NoteWorthy Software, Inc
Bruce Hawkins – Retired Social Worker
Kim Hyatt – Banking, First Citizens
Cutie Kaplan – Retired retail
John Lafferty – MD, Women’s Health Care
Alicia Mears, Educator
Paul Mears – Principal Agent, Nationwide Insurance
Jon Mercer – COO, Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge
Kristina Mercer – Highland’s Family Farm
Christina McNally – Cancer Care
Chuck Moseley – Business Development, Retired
Teresa Parker – Healthcare, College Pines
Sheree Troy – Flight Attendant, Retired
Tom Troy – Retired Pilot
Santford Wellborn – DVM
Elsie Whisenant – Educator, Retired

Honorary Member
Tim Horldt

Member Dates (Join Date)

Kim Hyatt 01 Jul 2020
Angie Bedford 01 Jul 2020
Alicia Mears 01 Jul 2020
Teresa Parker 01 Jul 2020
Julie Brady 01 Jul 2020
Barbara Ball 01 Jul 2020
Bruce B 03 Jul 2000
Meredith 01 Jul 2010
Maryann 26 Jul 2011
Vivian  18 Jul 2017
Jon M 01 Jul 2013
Paul 01 Jul 1994
Elsie 03 Aug 2010
Ted 01 Sep 1998
Beth 15 Sep 2015
David Harmon 22 Sep 2020
Cutie Kaplan 22 Sep 2020
Kristina 21 Oct 2014
Bruce H 02 Nov 2002
Santford  01 Nov 1989
Kevin01 Dec 2007
John L 01 Dec 1983
Annette  01 Jan 1996
Chuck 01 Feb 1984
Lu  Feb 2001
Sheree 06 Mar 2018
Tom  06 Mar 2018
Karen  12 May 1995
Wendy 26 Jun 2018
Susan 01 Jun 2017
Jim B no start date

Member Dates (Birthdate)

John L Jul 26
Paul Jul 24
Annette  Jul 25
Julie Brady July 27
Jim Aug 09
Kevin Aug 13
Angie Bedford Aug 13
Ted Sep 26
Tom Sep 10
Bruce B Oct 04
Karen Oct 08
Jon M Oct 17
Kristina Nov 02
Beth H Nov 01
Elsie Nov 12
Wendy W Nov 14
Alicia Mears Nov 22
Barbara Ball Dec 13
Lu Litton Dec 19
David Harmon Dec 22
Maryann Jan 09
Vivian  Jan 21
Teresa Parker Jan 29
Susan Feb 09
Santford Mar 09
Bruce H. Apr 12
Faith “Cutie” Kaplan April 21
Meredith May 14
Christina McNallay Jun 4
Kim Hyatt June 20
Chuck Jun 22
Sheree Jun 03

Valdese Women in Rotary (May 2021 Report)

From Rotary International — 1987 – On 4 May, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that Rotary clubs may not exclude women from membership on the basis of gender. Rotary issues a policy statement that any Rotary club in the United States can admit qualified women into membership.

Rotary Club of Valdese inducted our first female member in 1988. Mary-Louise Hatley, a realtor in town, was the first and she went on to become our first female president in 1993. Three more women served as president through 1999.

From there, more women were added primarily with our spouse membership program. The goal was not to add women, but to add members. For a spouse membership, Valdese Club pays RI and District Dues and the spouse pays meals and local fees. We currently have 5 sets of spouse members – the highest has been 8 sets. Most spouses were already active in the club, just not “official.”

Our executive committee has been 75-100% female for the past 5 years with a female president since 2017 starting with Beth Heile, followed by Maryann Diamond, Kristina Mercer and currently Susan Bingham. Of those, two were spouse members and two were not.

For the club year 2020-2021, with Beth Heile as membership chair, 6 of 7 of new members are women and our current membership stands at 19 women members of 33 total. We currently have 6 female members who have been in the club 9-25 years.

Our goal always has been, and always will be, to welcome new folks into Rotary. We do not target certain types or classifications; we just want those who put Service Above Self.

~Beth Heile