One Head One Bed – Christmas Project

Update: Our club donated $1500 to One Head – One Bed. Interact Clubs of Heritage and Draughn are working on their own fundraisers.

Tim Barnsback (teacher at HMS) is seeing a lot of homeless/transient kids in the school system (there 86 in Burke County). He said kids need beds (versus sleeping on the floor or 3 kids stuck in a bed or sleeping with their grandmother). Transient homeless kids may be at a friend’s house a month and then to an uncle’s house for 6 months, etc. When you do not sleep well, it is hard to do well at school.

Tim has found collapsible cot style bunk beds he would like to provide to kids for about $150 a bunk bed set – they could take this bunk bed from house to house in a carry bag (price is half off the list price of the bed – thanks to the company). They would have something of their own – a bed, with storage for their personal items.

This fits in with President Beth’s wanting to do something to address the opioid issue in the county (we had talked about packed suitcases to social services) – but homelessness of kids or kids at random houses because of their addicted parents seems like another way to help.

Tim is working with the school system to identify kids who would benefit. We would like to get as many kids in beds by Christmas as possible. Consider making a personal donation to the club on Tuesday, Dec 5 and we will write one big check to Tim at the end of the week.

DHS Interact and HMS Interact are excited about this project and working to raise money to help fellow students. At our board meeting, we agreed to match 3 to 1 what the students are able to come up with.