2017-2018 Board Members Installed

President Beth Heile installed the new board at the July 18 meeting. After promising to do the best that could do in their position, they were presented some candy. These dedicated board members attended two 2 hour planning meetings in May to get ready for this club year.

President Elect – Maryann Diamond
Mounds – Because you have “mounds” of work ahead of you as president-elect

President Nominee – Kristina Mercer
Butterfinger – Let nothing slip through the cracks
Fund Raising – Raisinets for raising lots of money and Crunch for always getting things done, even when it is last minute
Public Image – Working a Whopper of a story every week

Secretary – Thomas Winfield
Dots and Stick Pretzels – You will have to Dot your I’s and cross your T’s to keep all our minutes and attendance records.

Treasurer – Annette Brinkley
PAYDAY – Around you, every day is a PAYDAY as you write reimbursement checks and do treasurer stuff EVERYDAY. For your overtime, you get double pay!

Sergeant-at-Arms – Tim Horldt
Snickers – Keep the snickers under control and keep us in line

Past President – Jon Mercer
KitKat – You did a fantastic job as president last year, now we are giving you a break

Club – Lu Litton Griffin
Symphony – Like the conductor of a Symphony, you will keep us organized handling lots of parts: newsletter, bulletin, food, programs and lots more

Community – Kevin Frederick
3 Musketeers – You will keep us focused on “One for all and all for one” as we serve the community

Foundation – Bruce Bingham
$100K – Though not the treasurer, you are the money man or the club – CART, Sponsorships, Polio, Increased Giving and more

International – Paul Mears
Milky Way – You will be working Out of this World and into a Third World – working with Ted on the water project in Africa and other international opportunities.

Membership – Ted Carothers
Good and Plenty – You will bring in GOOD AND PLENTY new members this year.

Youth – Jeff Carter
Star Bursts – You will help our youth – our young stars burst out of their shell

Past Presidents – Chuck Moseley
Red Hot – You will be managing all the Red Hot Candidates for the Service Above Self Award

Vocational – Melanie Townsend
WHATCHAMACALLIT – No one knows what this position is all about. But, you have it under control!

Member-at-Large – Jim Brookes
Almond Joy – You are a nut, but a joy to work with!!


Thanks to Annette and Lu for the decorations!