Getting to Know Our Members

This year at each meeting, we will get to know a club member a little better by playing a game. A member will tell 3 things that are true and 1 thing that is a lie – in any order. Then, the other members will try to guess which statement is the lie.

After having the gavel passed to her for the club year 2017-2018, she kicked off the idea with her own example:

  1. I have completed a half-marathon, marathon and triathlon.
  2. In Junior High School, I want to be a call girl.
  3. I lived in Italy the summer before my final semester of college.
  4. I was sent to the principal’s office in 4th grade to get a paddling for saying that my Mom was pregnant.


  1. True
  2. True, didn’t understand what it meant,¬†thought it was just going to NYC and living in a fancy apartment and having fancy clothes.
  3. Lie – Lived in England, not Italy
  4. Mom really was pregnant, but in small town Valdese the teachers thought there was no way that could be true – since everybody knows everybody and their business.

We will start in alphabetical order on July 11. Bruce Bingham will go first. If he is absent, it will be Susan Bingham’s turn. We will proceed that way, backing up to cover an absent person when they do attend.