Make-up Meetings

Most members strive for perfect attendance. To help achieve that goal, make-up meetings can be used on 2 weeks before or after the missed meeting.  What counts as a make-up meeting?

  • Board Meeting (2nd Tues at 11am)
  • Service Project Time
  • Attend an Interact Meeting (1st, 3rd, 4th Friday Mornings)
  • Take a Rotary International online class
  • Attend another club’s meeting
DAY/Time  Club Locations
Monday, 11:45 am

Tuesday, 6:44 am

Wednesday, Noon

Wednesday, 7:00 am

Thursday, 7:00 am

Thursday, 7:00 am

Thursday, Noon

Thursday, Noon

Thursday, Noon

Friday, 12:15 pm

Blowing Rock

Caldwell County

Hickory Sunrise


Catawba Valley

Burke Sunrise





Chetola Resort

Bud’s Diner

Fireside Room, LRU

Community House

Catawba CC

Timberwoods Rest.


Lake Hickory CC

Community Building

Methodist Church