Draughn High School

Officers: Gao, President; Jonathan, VP; Elizabeth, Secretary, Emily – Club Administrator

Interact Club meets the 4th Friday, 7:30-7:50 am, in the auditorium. Next Meeting: Feb 23. 

One Head, One Bed Fundraiser – finish donut fundraiser, just have a few more certificates to sell.

New Project – Comfort Bags for kids who must leave their homes. Make 1 bag for each age group. List of items needed

Items will be collected at school over the next few weeks, we will shop for what is missing and assemble at Feb 23 Meeting.

More about the project – the story is old, but the project is still going. We will be provided the bags, blankets, stuffed animals, baby wipes and the teen book.

Future Service: (Details provided closer to time)
Feb 22 – Memory Cafe, 3-4 pm
Service: (Details provided closer to time)
March 3 – Friends of the Valdese Rec Cleanup – Under 16 – must have adult stay with you
March 24 – Community Garden Work Day, 9am
April 21 – Rotary Annual Auction (Friday evening, Sat and Sat evening)

Regular Meetings (4th Friday, 7:30-7:50 am) in the Auditorium 

  • Feb 23, Mar 23, Apr 27, May 25

Top Point Recipients for 1st 9 weeks: Jonathan Mercer 17, Elizabeth Barus 13, Emily Rees 13

Top Point Recipients for 2nd 9 weeks: Emily Rees 13, Gaomong Lo 10,
Gillian Abee-Freeze 7

Point System (5 points required Sept-Dec and 7 points required Jan-Jun)

  • Attending a Meeting (on time, present for full meeting) – 1 point
  • 1 hour of a Rotary Service Project (or recommended) – 2 points
  • Completion of an item (turn in money for walk, breakfast tickets) – 1 points

An Interact Award will be given every 9 weeks at AE to the 3 students with the top points.

Fri, September 22 – Meeting (1 pt each): Elizabeth Barus, Jonathan Mercer, Lily Xiong, Emily Rees, Sarah Huff, Mackenzie Pritchard, Aiden Hunt, TJ Bumgarner, Navaeh Williams,
Lilie Williams, Haley Lowman, Esmeralda Michel, Haley Finney, Sam Woody, Katie Icard, Kristen Stamos, Mattie Genoe, Gaomong Lo, Emma Malmsten, Gillian Abee-Freeze, Kaitlyn Thongthepsomphou, Mattie Waddell

Fri, September 15 – Sell 50/50 Raffle tickets: Jonathan Mercer (4 pts)
Fri, September 22
 – Sell 50/50 Raffle tickets: Haley L – 5 pts ($86 split between HMS & DHS)
Sat, September 23 – Garden Workday: Emily R- 4pts, Elizabeth B- 4 pts, Aiden H 4-pts.
Sat, October 7 – Consignment Sale – Sarah H – 4 pts
Oct – Bought a t-shirt – 1 pt each to: Jonathan M, Lily X, Gaomong, Mattie G, Emma M, Haley L, Sarah H, Eva A, Elizabeth B, Macy F, Lillie W, Gillian,
Oct 4 and 11 – Parade Poster – Haley Lowman (1 pt), Parade Participate – Elizabeth B (2 pt) and Kaitlyn Roberts (2 pts)
Oct – Sold Breakfast Tickets –
Sat, October 14 –Worked Breakfast – Elizabeth Barus (4 pts), Gaomong Lo (6 pts), Emily Rees (6 pts), Jonathan Mercer (8 pts)
October 27 – Weekend Backpacks (breakfast/granola bars) – Elizabeth, Jonathan, Emily R, Mackenzie P (1 pt each)
October 27 Mtg – Elizabeth Barus, Jonathan Mercer, Emily Rees, Sarah Huff, Mackenzie Pritchard, Aiden Hunt, Gaomong Lo, Gillian Abee-Freeze, Kaitlyn Thongthepsomphou, Mattie Waddell

Top Point Recipients for 1st 9 weeks
Jonathan Mercer 17
Elizabeth Barus 13
Emily Rees 13

2nd 9 weeks

Oct 28 – Alzheimer’s Walk – Emily R (4 pts participating in walk + 1 pt raising money – $110)
Oct 31, Treats in the Streets Emily R, Gao, Macie F (2 pts each)
Nov 12 – BREAD Food Ministry – Gillian, Gao, Jonathan (2 pts each)
Nov – Help Burke Sunrise – Gillian (6 pts), Gao, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Kaitlyn (2 pts each)
Nov 14 Rotary Meeting – Emily, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Gao (1 pt)
Dec 1 – Meeting – Kaleb S, Jonathan, Lily X, Elizabeth B, Gillian, Aiden H, Lillie W, Haley L (1 pt)
Dec 1 – Brought in coats – Elizabeth B (1 pt)
Sunday, Dec 3 – Chapel Push  – Emily R, Gao (4 pts each)

Donut Sales help – Mattie W, Haley L, Jonathan, Gao, Kaitlyn T, Aiden H, Lily X, Sarah H, Johnny M, Allyson M, Lillian W, Kaleb S, Maddie M, Esmeralda M (2 pt)

Top Point Recipients for 2nd 9 weeks
Emily Rees – 13
Gaomong Lo – 10
Gillian Abee-Freeze – 7

Other points to note – Elizabeth Barus – 5, Jonathan Mercer – 5

3rd Nine Weeks

Jan 26 Meeting – Mattie W, Haley L, Jonathan, Gao, Kaitlyn T, Aiden H, Lily X (1 pt)

Points (as of 12/07) need 5 by Dec 31

Emily Rees 26
Jonathan Mercer 22
Elizabeth Barus 19
Gaomong Lo 18
Gillian Abee-Freeze 10
Haley Lowman 9
Sarah Huff 7
Aiden Hunt 7
Lily Xiong 3
Mackenzie Pritchard 2
TJ Bumgarner 1
Navaeh Williams 1
Lilie Williams 3
Kaitlyn Thongthepsomphou 3
Mattie Genoe 2
Emma Malmsten 2
Kaitlyn Roberts 2
Mattie Waddell 2
Kaleb S 1

Interact’s focus is

  • Leadership Development
    Monthly meetings will include professionals from the community sharing about their careers and teaching leadership skills.
  • Community Service
    -Opportunities offered for a chance to give back and broaden one’s outlook.

Rotary Club of Valdese will also sponsor the Worthy Wildcat Awards every 9 weeks – a student determined by each department who exhibits excellence in character and in service using the Four Way Test of Rotary. Award will be presented at a Rotary Lunch meeting.

Faculty Sponsors –  Kent Loomis and Lillian Modak
Rotary Sponsors – Beth Heile (bzheile@gmail.com) and Kristina Mercer